My Story



​​​​So, how did I get here?

My name is Maureen.  I am married to an amazing man and mother to 3 beautiful daughters. 

All  my life, I have been wondering what the meaning of life is.  Why am I  here?  What am I supposed to be doing?  I have had a lot of successful  careers and meaningful businesses.  I am the girl who couldn't wait to  grow old to see what life had in store for her.  Always, excited to see  where the next path took me.  Where was the next adventure?  Always  looking for something more. 

About 10 years ago, I found myself on a seeker's path, looking for answers to which nobody could answer except myself. 

Along  this path, I have found many teachers, mentors and friends.  I have  learned so much from these amazing people and have incorporated these  teachings into my day to day life and business.

One of the  many important findings on my path was my Life Purpose, Life Lesson and  Life School.  I was truly blown away by the information I was told based  on lines and prints in my hands.  I had no idea, some of the answers  I had been looking for were always within my grasp.  Many of the things  I already knew about myself were confirmed, as well as new  understandings were revealed.  This was one of those moments that  changed me on a molecular level.  The information I received during a 1  hour meeting, validated so much for me.  With this new found knowledge, I  needed to know more.  I began to study Scientific Hand Analysis and  reading my friends, family and whomever I could get my hands on!  This  information was simply too good to not share with everyone I met. My  friends began referring their friends... and so it began.

During  all this wonderful learning, Spirit...God... Universe (whatever name you  call it) kept smacking me in the heart telling me there is more. 

They say - All Healing is Self Healing.

My  initial health crisis came in the form of skin cancer.  Being an 80's  teenager, this didn't surprise me.  I was often found getting my "base  burn" using baby oil and iodine as summer was approaching.  Clearly,  none of my family and friends had the heart to tell this Irish Girl  that I was probably meant for the shade!  All of my skin cancers have  been found on my chest and upper back, also known as the 4th chakra zone  - the Heart Chakra. At the time, I had a friend tell me that perhaps I  needed to "Love" myself more. 

I thought I did, at least that was the image I was portraying.

Knowing what I know now, I did not pick up what was being put down!

Spirit  gave me another smack in the heart in the form of a Bradycardia attack a  year later.  Four days in Cardiac ICU is scary for anyone.  My heart  was beating like a tri-athlete, only I don't work out!  Haha!  My heart  rate was around 28-36 BPM for 4 days.  I couldn't wrap my head around  what was happening.  I was in relatively good shape, I don't smoke nor  did I drink excessively.  I did however, have high cholesterol and a  family history of heart disease. You see, my Dad died at age 54 from a  massive heart attack. 

Heart dis-ease. UGH!  

One  night, I was crying after saying goodbye to my family.  I was afraid.  I  had a nurse come in my room, who told me there was nothing to be afraid  of.  She took a napkin and wrote FEAR down the length and said Fear  is...
F - False
E - Evidence
A - Appearing

R - Real

She  then walked me through a beautiful meditation having me visualize the  blood flowing through my heart and nourishing my organs.  She had me  visualize my life with my husband and daughters.  She had me breathing  in all that beauty that I was feeling.  I opened my eyes feeling  wonderful and slept like a baby that night. 

This was crazy, right?! 

I  had an angioplasty procedure the next day to determine how to remove a  probable 85% blockage... stint or bypass.  Guess what?  No blockage was  found!  Could I really have cleared it by visualizing and feeling the  beauty?  Nah! 

I had even heard of the Law of Attraction but thought that was used for new cars and dream homes!

This can't be,  I thought.  I just chalked it up to a little miracle and we went home to business as usual. 

Talking with my friend again, I had to give a second thought to the "Loving Myself More" idea.

However, life was happening,  and I thought I was on the right track. 

Here's the thing... You don't know what you don't know,

until you know you didn't know it.  

A year later, I find myself with an unexplained eye problem and losing my peripheral vision...

BAM! Another Smack Down! 

So, "what wasn't I seeing?"  asked my eye doctor.

What kind of question is that?  Why is he asking me that? 
I came home from the doctors office to an email from a Shaman that I had met 3 years earlier.

In her email, she asks:

What's going on in your body - health ailments, no energy, pain, dis-ease?

I'm thinking... IS SHE TALKING TO ME?

And how do you know what the message is? 

There it is... IS THERE A MESSAGE? 

What are your feelings that fuel your health issue - fear, anger, hopelessness? 

Oh, no... it's FEAR!!

How do you free yourself of these feelings?

Wait, I can free myself?! 

The shaman works with the chakras and energy field to change YOUR energy so YOU CAN HEAL!

All I could think was - What are these techniques?  I want to understand what this is. How do I find the bridge from the question to the answer?  From the problem to the gift?  How can I help my body heal?

My  eyes were opened to the beautiful healing world of the Shaman.   Following my first illumination, I came home to a doctors appointment  with a specialist who was sure she would be talking to me about my  deteriorating cornea.  Guess what?  No sign of eye disease. 

And so, I began the journey of the Master Shaman.

Shamanism  has become a treasured and magical self-healing tool which has offered  me countless breakthroughs, as well as a road map for holistic wellness.  It has been making its way into the western world for several decades  now, and yet, its gifts are not fully understood by the mainstream.  

Today, you are the patient, and you are your healer. 

You are the teacher, and you are the student.

What’s needed is implicit trust in yourself to hear the messages and integrate them.

After loving, trusting, learning and listening to my heart...

Everything is continuing to come together to form My Soul's Destiny.

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