Clearing & Blessings


 Create  a peaceful and harmonious vibration throughout your home or business  with spiritual energetic house clearing and blessings! 

 Your  home is the center hub of your spiritual and domestic life, and should  be a refuge from the stresses and noise from the outside world. Make  sure it can support you and your family energetically! 

 Any  space can be cleared and blessed, so businesses are welcome to utilize  this service as well! An office or storefront that feels light and clear  will attract more clients and encourage repeat business. It will also  help keep employee stress to a minimum, and increase your customer's  shopping enjoyment and overall impression of your establishment. 

When should you spiritually clear and bless your space?

 When you first move into a new home
* When opening a new place of business
* After a long illness, or through the duration of a chronic one
* If you are just not feeling "settled" or "comfortable" in the space
* If you've been having a lot of hard luck
* During transitional periods in your life
* After a death, or after a divorce
* To help sell or rent real estate
* When you wish to open the door to new opportunities 

 Spiritual  energetic house clearing and blessing can absolutely wipe the slate  clean and establish an environment that encourages calm, joy and  comfort. 

What will the Clearing & Blessing look like?

 There are seven steps to the cleansing of your space.  It is important to have you, the owner, be a part of this process.  

 We will end the clearing with a beautiful blessing in a despacho.  A  Despacho Ceremony is based in the tradition of the Q’ero and is a  wonderful way to mark transitions or rites of passage. There are several  types of despachos, but in the basic format the Shaman guides a group  of people in building a beautiful prayer bundle. Special ingredients are  used, each with their own symbolic meaning.  Despachos are laid out on a  large piece of paper, and layer upon layer of ingredients are placed  inside. The end result may look like a mandala or work of art!  Prayers  are offered by blowing intentions into special leaf bundles and placing  them in the despacho. When finished, the bundle is wrapped carefully and  taken to a ceremonial fire to be burned as an offering.   

 Themes  for despachos may be for bringing sacred balance to your home, family,  workplace, etc. or to mark and honor the passage of a loved  one. Despachos may be used to honor the physical body and create renewed  health and vitality.  Despachos may also be used for powerful rites of  passage in life, such as embarking on a new relationship, journey,  starting a new career or moving to a new area. There are so many ways to  create powerful, graceful change in your life by participating in a  despacho ceremony!   

 Balancing  the energy in your home and work space will open up your potential to  live the life you dream of.  What are your hopes for your family, career  and future? 

Are you ready to know Your Soul's Destiny?

The cost of the clearing is determined by the location size and the number of personnel needed to clear your space.  

A despacho blessing for you or your space is $150.

Payment may be made with cash, VISA, MC or check. 

If  you know you will have difficulty paying for this service, please let  me know in advance and we can agree on a cost that accommodates you.

 A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.

_ Dalai Lama

 Love the life you live, Live the life you Love.
- Bob Marley

When you change the way you look at things...

The things you look at change.

- Wayne Dyer

You're not looking for the path.  You're creating an atmosphere so that the path shows itself to you.

- Abraham Hicks

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